The cycles of life

Looking from a broader perspective you can already observe how everything works in cycles. There are planetary constellations; the seasons; moon phases and day and night. The nature itself shows how cycles and natural rhythms can be a great support and how everything - in its essence - works out perfectly balanced.

Let's move a little closer and look more into detail. You as a human are undergoing your own unique cycles that are in its essence perfectly balanced. They exist to support you in the best possible way and can do this as long as you aren't counter acting or fighting against your own cycles! 


I recommend you to become more observant and have a deep look into your cycles. It can be helpful to observe yourself in very stressful phases VS relaxed phases during holidays to figure out how your optimal cycle actually looks like and how external or internal stressors are influencing the balanced state of it!

One of many cycles that you undergo are for woman the menstruation cycle VS for men the hormonal cycle impacted by testosterone within 24 hours. The cycle of day and night that teach you the optimal daytime for sport, working, resting, eating and more. This can have a huge influence to your performance and your ability to feel balanced and great within your body. Trough my experience this varies from being to being; while some can perform at their best right after getting up, others have their high performance time at night. 


For woman it is essential to connect more deeply to their own monthly cycle. Opening and connecting to your own menstruation cycle and really understanding how your body regulates in the different phases of the month is a very healing experience that deepens your understanding of yourself. You will become more patient and understanding with yourself while at the same time being able to coordinate important meetings or events to the phase of your cycle when you are mostly centered and filled with power and energy! Woman, trough really connecting to your cycle you will be able to do a lot of healing work by yourself while at the same time becoming independent, strong and powerful! Because you learn what you need, when you need it, what you can do for yourself and what others can do for you!



Seeing how everything in nature works in cycles and how there is this perfect harmony and balance many of you might wonder why there are so many disharmonies in the current times. Here you can observe how microcosm and macrocosm are connected and how one is influencing the other. The seasons are not fully aligned anymore, day and night is mixed up by artificial light. Especially in cities you will never have moments of complete silence that would usually allow and support you to deeply rest. Rhythms of your body are oftentimes fully confused this is reflected in your digestion, sleep, stress level and ability to perform.  


So what can you actually do to find your center, to rebalance, to REALIGN? Most importantly you can't change cycles of the world, of the bigger picture if you are not even willing to look more deeply into the microcosm --> into your own life! The base, the most important aspect is that you understand your own cycles better. How they work, how you feel, their ability to influence and support you. Once you understand your cycles better you will become more aware of how you are counter acting with them! How you are in some moments even fighting against what they are telling you. Trough this observations and your expanding awareness you can start to let go of these fights. You can open up again for what your cycle is teaching you and experience how you are a lot more supported when you are in tune with it!

Trough this shift, this change from counteracting to acting in perfect balance and harmony you will start to feel empowered, centered and fully alive. You will feel how vitality flows trough your body. You will start to make different choices based on alignment with your cycles and they will lead to the overall shift of realigning with the "bigger" cycles of nature itself. You will become more sensitive to shifts in the natural cycles. You will begin to feel how the season are changing and what each season is holding for you. You will tune into the powerful gifts of each cycle and from the alignment of your own cycles you will begin to act in tune with the natural cycles as well.


Listening to your own cycles and trough that being able to listen to the broader cycles will lead to a huge shift towards a harmonious and balanced life on earth. In tune with yourself and others as well as with animals, nature and planetary constellations!



Looking more deeply into cycles and rhythms is such an interesting topic and gives you the powerful tool to transform your life!

Friday, 18th december 2020


Valerie Caspary

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